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5th International Independent Videogames Festival in Berlin, April 20 to 22, 2016 – plus extra Family Day.

We’re still adjusting and adding things to the schedule, so keep checking it in the next days for updates!
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Thursday, April 21


Robert Yang: Why I Am Good At Bad Sex (... in games! In games!!!)
If you always win a game as fast as possible, then you are probably very good at games... but if you always have sex as fast as possible, then you are probably bad at sex. (Why did no one ever tell you???) So what does it mean to be good at a sex game, and anyway, what is a good sex game? In this talk, I will talk about all the gay sex games I've been making, as well as many other sex games I've been enjoying, even some of the straight sex games. But it's also OK if you never play any of these games -- because it's even hotter when you watch.

Content warning: this talk contains sexual content

avatar for Robert Yang

Robert Yang

Robert Yang is an indie game developer, academic, and writer, based in New York City. He regularly teaches game development and design within NYU Game Center at New York University, IDM at NYU Poly School of Engineering, and MFADT at Parsons the New School for Design.

Thursday April 21, 2016 10:00 - 10:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Malath Abbas: Collaboration, Collectives & Killbox
An exploration into the advantages of collaboration, co-working space and a collective mind set in tackling interesting topics in interactive work. Killbox is an online game and interactive installation that critically explores the nature of drone warfare, its complexities and consequences. It is an experience which explores the use of technology to transform and extend political and military power, and the abstraction of killing through virtualisation. The international collaboration has proved to be an interesting case study in a number of areas including arts funding, presentation in physical space and the role of identity in an ever evolving environment.

avatar for Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas is an independent game designer, artist and producer working on experimental and meaningful games. Since co-founding the award winning studio Quartic Llama, Malath is establishing Scotland's first game collective and co-working space in order to support a community of independent game makers. The collective aims develop innovative games and to collaborate with a range of partners on exciting projects. Malath is currently developing... Read More →

Thursday April 21, 2016 10:30 - 11:00
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Regina Kgatle: Ever thought of making or playing games in South Africa?

The talk will explore the gaming scene in South Africa. Shedding light on who the game makers are, where they are, challenges they come across and finally explore ways South Africans play and experiment with games.

avatar for Regina Kgatle

Regina Kgatle

Regina Kgatle, believes that learning should be fun, regardless of whether or not a student can afford an iPad. So she decided to level the playing field by using e-waste to create her Educational Arcade Machine (educade), making learning fun. The machines are pre-programmed to complement the school curriculum, helping to build strong foundations in learning, using simple games and lessons to help learners to excel in all areas of life. She has... Read More →

Thursday April 21, 2016 11:00 - 11:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Manu Lucio, Ralf Mauerhofer: How to Version Control your Project as an Independent Game Developer – Get the Right and Sharpened Knife (Tool) if You Make Sushi (Games!)
Could you imagine cutting pieces of fish for a nice sushi or sashimi using the wrong or  worst of all a blunt knife? --you neither need to be a Japanese cook nor even a cook aficionado to say NO. 

As every development tool choice is essential to crafting  your dream game, getting a proper and properly sharpened Version Control tool is vital for your final outcome as the sushi & sashimi knife. Working with large binary files, supporting  large code bases, managing different ways of working for coders or artists, using a rich GUI whether you work on Windows, Mac or Linux, visually see the history of your changes, support for distributed teams, working in the cloud, branching and merging at light speed... These and more are  essential features that will make you more productive and get to your games out much faster while maintaining multiple versions of your games in an efficient way. Manu & Ralf will tell you what's behind the essential art of coding and create games more efficiently. Come to the session and get a Plastic SCM Cloud Edition 2 months free subscription!

avatar for Manu Lucio

Manu Lucio

Engineer, Plastic SCM
Hey! Product expert at Codice Software, ask me whatever you want about Plastic SCM and why it's better than your current SCM :) I like video games, zombies and DIY projects (3D printing, quadcopters...). I'll be very happy to chat with you.
avatar for Ralf Mauerhofer

Ralf Mauerhofer

Code Wizard and Treasure Manager, Koboldgames
Ralf is a Game Designer & Developer at Koboldgames. After his two studies in Computer Science and in Game Design he founded Koboldgames with four friends in 2012. There his work consists of game design, development, customer relations and accounting in the field of motivation design with games.

Thursday April 21, 2016 11:00 - 12:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Hannah Nicklin: 2,010 People: Games in Socially Engaged Settings

This is where it starts
An estate in Poplar, East London.
A tall blue-sky day
In Winter

Over the past 8 months Hannah has been in collecting stories from a housing estate in one of the most deprived boroughs of London; Teviot, made up of 2010 people. Over the past month, Hannah has been attempting to re-tell these stories as part of a new storytelling game with artwork from Michael Parkin. Teviot Tales represents an experimental approach to what we use games and game tools for. There are very few example of videogames tools being used in a community/socially engaged contexts, and Hannah is interested in how this might represents a pushing of the boundaries, both of socially-engaged arts and in games storytelling.

Hannah presents stories from her residency, a discussion of how and why she set out to make Teviot Tales, the troubles, challenges, and ethics of working with real stories, and reflects more widely on how games can (and have in the past) be used to explore social and class issues and stories.

avatar for Hannah Nicklin

Hannah Nicklin

Hannah is a writer, game designer, performer & academic. She makes DIY theatre & games in public & community settings, working with orgs such as RSC, Invisible Flock, V&A, Gamecity, Social Housing Arts Network, UEL, Goldsmiths & in housing estates, swimming pools, city streets & rural market towns.

Thursday April 21, 2016 11:50 - 12:20
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Andy Touch: A Crash-Course In Writing Custom Unity Shaders!
Shader programming has always been seen as a scary and intimidating dark magic; learning it can feel like tumbling down a never-ending rabbit hole. Fear not! As Andy will give a hand's-on, in-Editor, crash-course guide on how to write your own custom shaders in the Unity Game Engine, to achieve interesting effects, unique visuals and show how powerful, flexible and easy they can be to create!

This talk is aimed at those who are familiar with the Unity Engine, but haven't properly begun to learn this topic. 

avatar for Andy Touch

Andy Touch

Ever since he added physics to 100 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Having previously taught game development to University students, he is now part of Unity Technologies' Evangelism team helping to spread the word of the game engine and to show off what it can do!

Thursday April 21, 2016 12:00 - 13:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Jay Tholen: Kindness is Power: Loving Your Enemies
Killing or destroying obstacles doesn't have to be the player's default interaction with the world. I'll share the unique challenges I faced in designing around a character (Dropsy) who can only perform good actions.

avatar for Jay Tholen

Jay Tholen

Dropsy's Dad, Tendershoot Productions
I'm a game developer, non-musician musician, and pixel artist from central Florida who married a Frau and now lives in Germany. I made that clown adventure game.

Thursday April 21, 2016 12:20 - 12:50
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Jonathan Whiting: Tile Based Non-Euclidean Space
Poking around beneath the surface of Knossu, a short abstract horror game I made in 2015. I'll discuss in-engine tooling, ray-casting on modern computers, creating fear without scares or story, and level design for impossible spaces. There'll be lots of early work-in-progress builds, and a focus on how the game grew from tiny seeds to a cohesive whole. 

avatar for Jonathan Whiting

Jonathan Whiting

Game developer based in Oxford. Lead programmer on Sportsfriends, currently working with Hollow Ponds. Countless smaller games: Knossu, Mussel, Craequ etc.

Thursday April 21, 2016 13:00 - 14:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Hyper Talks – 10 talks, 5 minutes each: Anne B. J. Clausen & Simon Stålhandske, Brendan Lehman, Cukia Kimani, Elizabeth Maler, Evan Greenwood & Martin Kvale, Florian Veltman, Rob Davis, Sarah Hiebl, Suba Jarrar, Veve Jaffa
A series of 5-minute talks in rapid succession. Missing talk details coming soon!

* * * * *

Anne B. J. Clausen & Simon Stålhandske: Crowd Games
Things we consider when designing local multiplayer games for 50+ players.

* * * * *

Brendan Lehman: Mind Games
How to use brain synchronization to control video games.

* * * * *

Cukia Kimani: INDIE <3
A brief explanation of this worldwide phenomenon, indie love. 

* * * * *

Elizabeth Maler: A Normal Lost in Translation Phone
A hypertalk about how players project hints of reality on entirely original fiction.

* * * * *

Evan Greenwood & Martin Kvale: Genital Jousting: From A MAZE. to A MAZE.
How to stumble into making a game (sort of) about anal sex. Content warning: this talk contains sexual content.

* * * * * 

Florian Veltman: Tired of Saving the World
A case for more mundane stories in games.

* * * * * 

Rob Davis: Design by Conversation
What can happen when you design games whilst eating pizza.

* * * * * 

Sarah Hiebl: it is really awkward to make a game about your friends
Sarah Hiebl wanted to make a game about how wonderful her friends are, but that escalated quickly.

* * * * * 

Suba Jarrar: Play to Learn!
There are no specific criteria to say the game is good or bad, yet games, which engage players and impact their learning, are super good ones!

* * * * * 

Veve Jaffa: Games Would Do Anything For Love, But They Won't Do That (Please Stop Trying to Make Them Do That!)
Allowing games to exist beyond one-dimensional definitions creates better experiences for players and designers

avatar for Lorenzo Pilia

Lorenzo Pilia

Program Manager, A MAZE.
Program manager for A MAZE. / Berlin festival. Founder of BerlinGameScene.com + Localmultiplayer.com. Organiser of Join – Local Multiplayer Summit and Talk & Play.

avatar for Anne Birgitte Jerichau Clausen

Anne Birgitte Jerichau Clausen

Game designer with a big love for local multiplayer games. Also, thinks screens and standard controllers in digital games are overrated. Currently doing tons of crowd game prototypes with my B(w)FF Simon Stålhandske. It will hopefully end out being our master's thesis soon.
avatar for Brendan Lehman

Brendan Lehman

Brendan is director of Cingulate R&D, master in neuroscience, game designer, musician, and music festival curator based in Toronto and Sudbury, Canada.
avatar for Cukia Kimani

Cukia Kimani

Born in Kenya. Raised all over Africa. Holds degrees in Computer Science, Maths, and Digital Arts. Programmer, with an affinity for game design. Winner of the inaugural A MAZE. Johannesburg Award for Boxer.
avatar for Elizabeth Maler

Elizabeth Maler

Elizabeth is leading three lives at once. By day she organizes indie games playtests with Play in Lab to understand why 90% of players can't open that damn door. In the evening she fights the patriarchy. By night, she works on her A MAZE. Award-nominated game, A Normal Lost Phone.
avatar for Evan Greenwood

Evan Greenwood

Evan Greenwood is a game designer from Cape Town, South Africa. He last worked on "Broforce", a game that parodied hyper-masculinity. (Sort of) exploring anal sex seems like a logical next step.
avatar for Florian Veltman

Florian Veltman

Florian is a budding French games author focusing his work on interactive narration, who recently made the game Lieve Oma.
avatar for Martin Kvale

Martin Kvale

Martin Kvale is a sound designer from the fjords of Norway where he works on weird and delicious projects connected to games. He is here at A MAZE. this year as part of the team making Genital Jousting as well as doing a wicked DJ-set!
avatar for Rob Davis

Rob Davis

Founder / Director, Playniac
Rob is a game designer and Creative Director of Playniac in London. His games include IndieCade-finalist race management sim International Racing Squirrels, globe-trotting crowd game Cat On Yer Head, award winning math game Anomaly X, and turn-based battler Insane Robots; coming to PC and consoles in 2017.
avatar for Sarah Hiebl

Sarah Hiebl

Sarah Hiebl studies 'Time based and Interactive Media' in Linz, Austria. Her work includes short films, zines (about dicks) and games.
avatar for Simon Stålhandske

Simon Stålhandske

An avid game jam attendee and the twisted mind behind games such as Setup.exe, NorthSouthEastWest, Cat and 30 other games you have never heard of. Right now struggling to finish master's thesis on crowd games with best worst friend DJScoretrick.
avatar for Suba Jarrar

Suba Jarrar

Co-Founder, Limitless
Suba Jarrar is a content developer, game designer and eLearning specialist. Currently works for a local non-government organization NETKETABi in Palestine. The organization aims for community development, specifically in the field of education. As an eLearning expert she is responsible for the management of content development and eLearning projects at the organization. Suba is a certified instructional designer and has two MSc. in Science of... Read More →
avatar for Veve Jaffa

Veve Jaffa

Veve Jaffa is a bioluminescent creatrix of filmic and digital worlds, experimenting with conventional film and game genres to make wonderful, challenging, and more often than not, very gay stuff. 

Thursday April 21, 2016 13:20 - 14:50
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Jennifer Schneidereit: Tengami: Tools and Tech of a realistically folding 3D pop-up book game world
Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game that takes place inside a realistically folding pop-up book world. Players fold and slide parts of the world to solve puzzles and make progress. The team at Nyamyam created their own multi-platform engine and a set of unique tools to make Tengami’s 3D folding pop-up book world. Jennifer will introduce the team’s engine, workflows and provide an in-depth look and demonstration of the ‘Paper Kit’, Nyamyam’s first of it’s kind 3D pop-up editor.

avatar for Jennifer Schneidereit

Jennifer Schneidereit

Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Nyamyam a small independent games studio in the UK. She recently co-created Tengami, award winning atmospheric adventure game inside a Japanese pop-up book. Jennifer worked for a number of years in the Japanese game industry, before moving to the UK to work for Rare.

Thursday April 21, 2016 14:00 - 15:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Rise of the Game Collectives – panel with Félix Roman (Klondike), Lena Mech (Copenhagen Game Collective), Malath Abbas (Dundee Game Collective), Riad Djemili (Saftladen), Runa Haukland (Hamar Game Collective)
Game collectives come in all shapes and sizes: let's get to know fiive of them and discover some of the advantages and challenges in working together as a group.

The participants are:


avatar for Lena Mech

Lena Mech

Lena Mech is a game designer and a member of Copenhagen Game Collective. In her practice she focuses on play in public spaces. She creates interactive experiences that foster meeting points and propose a poetic alternative to the anonymity of contemporary cities. Lena has created playful experiences for many art and cultural institutions and her personal work was presented at various festivals around Europe, such as Playpublik, Playful Arts... Read More →
avatar for Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas is an independent game designer, artist and producer working on experimental and meaningful games. Since co-founding the award winning studio Quartic Llama, Malath is establishing Scotland's first game collective and co-working space in order to support a community of independent game makers. The collective aims develop innovative games and to collaborate with a range of partners on exciting projects. Malath is currently developing... Read More →
avatar for Riad Djemili

Riad Djemili

Riad Djemili is the co-founder of Berlin indie game company Maschinen-Mensch. Their debut title The Curious Expedition, a fantastical expedition simulation game set in the 19th century, was released in 2015 on Steam Early Access and won the German Developer award for “Best Indie Game 2015”. Riad started working in the game industry in 2005 and worked for seven years at Berlin game company YAGER, where he among other titles worked... Read More →
avatar for Runa Haukland

Runa Haukland

Runa is the captain of Hamar Game Collective, a group of game developers in the small city of Hamar in Norway. She studied virtual arts and design when she stumbled upon a great gang of developers who needed someone to manage their collective, and so it was that she ended up as a project manager, event planner and application writing ninja. She's responsible for events such as Splash, the first ever game jam on a cruise ship, the biggest Global... Read More →

Thursday April 21, 2016 15:00 - 16:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Niklas Åkerblad: Defying short attention span
Ramblings about how to employ subtle and unexpected measures when handling artistic expressions in games. Trusting your audience in achieving unexplainable sensations and using dissonance as a weapon as well as the importance of not only sugarcoating whatever the fuck it is you are doing. 

avatar for Niklas Åkerblad

Niklas Åkerblad

Niklas is an artist based in Gothenburg Sweden. He believes in love and he believes hate too, tastes the darker stuff, to find some lasting truth.

Thursday April 21, 2016 15:10 - 15:40
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Tim Garbos: Tim’s almost official “Fit Like a Glove” award show
For games that fit the device they were designed for so well that they can never be played on anything elseI will be giving awards to digital games that utilise existing devices so well that they can never be separated. What would GIRP, the keyboard-based climbing game, be without a keyboard?

Not the exotic stuff like console platforms, mobile devices or alternative controllers, but our ordinary, taken-for-granted things - keyboard, mouse, controller - that's rotting in a corner of our mind. We also look at games that uses normal input and can be played by huge crowds of people who show up at talks like this (you!).

When games use a keyboard, they mostly limit themselves to WASD and a few extra keys, but which game uses the most keys? What’s the best game only using the mousewheel?

I show the games on stage, play a few of them, argue and award the best in the following categories:

  • Best use of the keyboard
  • Best use of the mouse
  • Best use of joypad controller
  • Best game played by crowds
  • Best game for mouse wheel (Bonus category)

Winners get a comfy actual reality glove!

Thursday April 21, 2016 15:40 - 16:10
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Imagine VR is a Dream Machine: panel with Daniel Ernst, Sara Lisa Vogl, Niki Smit – moderated by Thomas Bedenk
Daniel Ernst (The Shoebox Diorama), Niki Smit (Deep) and Sara Lisa Vogl (Lucid Trips) are responsible for some of the most innovative virtual reality games out there. In this panel moderated by Thomas Bedenk (Virtual Reality Consultant at Exozet Berlin) they will discuss their visions for the future of the technology.

avatar for Thomas Bedenk

Thomas Bedenk

Thomas Bedenk is Virtual Reality Consultant at Exozet Berlin GmbH and freelance Advisor & Creative Director. From 2009 until 2015 he was Creative Director, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Brightside Games. He studied Media Design in Nuremberg and Human Factors in Berlin. He is teaching various game related subjects at game schools and universities. Before focusing on the games industry he was freelance interactive designer and developer... Read More →

avatar for Daniel Ernst

Daniel Ernst

Daniel Ernst is an interactive illustrator based in The Netherlands. After working in the game industry for multiple years he decided to put his research on storytelling through illusions and his love for everything 3D into practice and apply it to VR. This amalgamation resulted in an ongoing series of fantastical dioramas for virtual reality called The Shoebox Diorama. The series now consists of 'Blocked In', 'Der Grosse Gottlieb' and 'The... Read More →
avatar for Niki Smit

Niki Smit

Niki Smit is co-founder and designer of PLAY at Monobanda PLAY. Monobanda aims to explore and expand the boundaries of play and interaction. Working on both commissioned projects and independent projects, they focus heavily on researching and developing news forms of play and meaningful creativity.
avatar for Sara Lisa Vogl

Sara Lisa Vogl

Sara Lisa Vogl is a creative squirrel with a passion for latest tech and a VR Nerd since the Oculus Rift DK1. She graduated from College of Communication Arts and Interactive Media (DFI) Hamburg where she runs the course | Creative Computing since '10 2015. Since her studies she´s working in the fields of UX / UI, Communication | & Art in Virtual Reality. When she´s not scanning or printing artworks she´s travelling around... Read More →

Thursday April 21, 2016 16:30 - 17:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Jason Della Rocca: Moving Beyond Starving Artist: Funding for Indies
For many developers, getting funding is still one of the most complex and indecipherable processes on the path to success. This lecture will be a "from the trenches" reality check on how indies are getting projects funded and their studios financed today.

avatar for Jason Della Rocca

Jason Della Rocca

Jason is a globally recognized and connected expert in the games | industry. He brings his unmatched network to Execution Labs, working | with portfolio studios on business development and corporate strategy. | Previously, Jason consulted with governments of all levels to build | lasting gaming ecosystems, and was executive director of the IGDA for | nearly 9 years. He received a GDC Ambassador Award for his industry | building efforts.

Thursday April 21, 2016 16:30 - 18:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
Friday, April 22


We asked our players to tell everyone, that SUPERHOT "It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years". Many people said "WTF are they thinking?!?". I will tell you what we were thinking. I will share the design philosophy behind SUPERHOT, our experimental FPS where time moves only when you do.

avatar for Piotr Iwanicki

Piotr Iwanicki

Piotr Iwanicki is a game designer and studio lead responsible for SUPERHOT. He started his career developing games for flash portals and his projects slowly grew and became more visible. He started SUPERHOT as a game jam project and as the game gained recognition, Piotr transformed a mostly amateur team into a full fledged development studio.

Friday April 22, 2016 10:00 - 10:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Winnie Song: The Necessity of Violence
People often ask about my game BADBLOOD: “But why does it have to be so violent?” Questioning the necessity of violence in video games dismisses its potential to inspire creative and unpredictable gameplay. A game can be a playable treatise of human nature, and the blood-soaked fields of BADBLOOD is an intimate stage to confront the primal survival instincts in us all.

Possible content warnings could include: Cartoon Violence and Blood. If there is time for questions I wouldn't mind taking them! 

avatar for Winnie Song

Winnie Song

Winnie Song is a game maker based in New York. She is currently absorbed in making games where players must manipulate a knowable threat and are rewarded for being crafty and deceiving. She also strives for a rich visual life in the world of her games. Her game BADBLOOD has been showcased at festivals such as EVO Indie Showcase, XOXO Fest, Fantastic Arcade, Day of the Devs, and won Audience Choice Award at Indiecade 2015.

Friday April 22, 2016 10:30 - 11:00
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Katharine Neil: Context is Everything: A History Lesson from the Escape From Woomera Project
There was a time, not so long ago, when if you suggested the idea that so-called small-budget “indie” games could one day be popular you would be met with derision or disbelief. Suggest that games could be a respected art form like film or literature, or that games could contain serious social themes, and you would be met with bafflement at best, and open hostility at worst. If you were very unlucky, a governmental inquiry would be commissioned by the Minister for the Arts in an attempt to put you and these outrageous notions of yours back in your box.

This is the historical context for the instigation (and defence) of the Escape From Woomera project (2000-2003). We aimed to create an adventure game based on the heroic and painful stories told to us by refugees who had lived through (and in some cases, escaped from) years of mandatory detention in camps in the Australian desert. The project was initiated by a refugee rights activist who was a game developer by profession, and developed by a team comprising AAA game developers (moonlighting under assumed names), artists and an investigative journalist. This talk tells the story of the project and its attempt to start a conversation about the role of videogames in contemporary culture. 

avatar for Katharine Neil

Katharine Neil

Katharine began her game development career at Melbourne House in 1998 and since then has alternated between design, programming and audio. Her extra-curricular activities have included directing the social impact game Escape From Woomera in 2003, co-founding Australia's annual independent game developers conference Freeplay, and completing a PhD researching experimental tools for game design.

Friday April 22, 2016 11:00 - 11:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Andreas Zecher: Building A Better Website For Your Game
A decent website is an essential part of marketing your game. It should be the canonical resource where both players and press can find information about your game. However, it can be hard to keep up with the rapid speed of change in web development when your focus is making games. In this tech talk, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to design and develop a promotional website. We’ll discuss different open-source tools that can help you to build an engaging, user-friendly and performant website for your game or studio. We’ll cover topics like Responsive Design, Static Blogging, Asset Compilation, Content-Delivery Networks, CSS Frameworks and Livereload.

avatar for Andreas Zecher

Andreas Zecher

Andreas Zecher is part of Spaces of Play, the indie studio behind exploration game Future Unfolding. He’s also running Promoter, a web service for game developers to track press mentions and distribute promo codes. Andreas has been working as a web developer for over 15 years.

Friday April 22, 2016 11:00 - 12:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


A MAZE. Masterclass: Naomi Clark in conversation with Krystle Wong
The A MAZE. masterclasses are 1 hour long in-depth conversations between a journalist and a "veteran" of the game scene. This year Krystle Wong (A MAZE. Magazine) is going to talk with Naomi Clark (game designer, teacher and creator of Consentacle).

avatar for Krystle Wong

Krystle Wong

Krystle is the pint-sized third of the A MAZE. Magazine editorial team. A freelance journalist and comic book artist, Krystle writes about Asia, intersectional politics, creative technologies, and questions of modern labour. 
avatar for Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark is an independent game designer who lives and works in New York City. Over the last twenty-five years, she’s helped create dozens of games for many different audiences and platforms. She also teaches at the NYU Game Center and has authored a textbook about game design.

Friday April 22, 2016 11:50 - 12:50
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Martin Nerukar: Doing the Hindu Shuffle – A Tour Through Digital Card Game Design

The qualities of digital card games are examined and the difficulties and challenges involved in implementing them are explored.

Digital card games have become increasingly popular, for both big name studios and small indie teams. The purpose of this talk is to examine the properties of card games, specifically within a digital context. Using the digital deck-building game Nowhere Prophet as an example, this lecture will provide insight into the pitfalls and advantages of designing a digital card game. This includes a look at the general game rules as well as the specific rules defined by individual cards. Additionally, the talk will also cover a possible method for implementing a flexible and modular system to create and resolve cards.

avatar for Martin Nerukar

Martin Nerukar

Martin somehow managed to combine his passion for video games with his architecture degree. Currently he lives a double live as a freelance game and interaction designer by day and independent game developer by night. He's also co-founder of the German Indie Developer community Indie Arena and the Game Culture Club discussion group.

Friday April 22, 2016 12:00 - 13:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Robin Baumgarten: The Making Of Line Wobbler
We'll go into the details of how Line Wobbler - a one-dimensional custom hardware dungeon crawler - went from just a spring and an LED strip to a successful indie hit, with particular focus on fool-proofing the hardware, iterating through exhibitions, and taking it further to museums and arcades.

avatar for Robin Baumgarten

Robin Baumgarten

Robin Baumgarten is a German Indie based in London, UK. After researching Artificial Intelligence in Games and working on mobile titles, he's now knee-deep involved in strange experimental hardware controllers such as Line Wobbler. He's also a keen game jammer, wannabe nomadic and photographer.

Friday April 22, 2016 13:00 - 14:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


VRUnicorns: Virtual "Sports" & Reality
@VRUnicorns are a crazy bunch of semi-professional game jammers making VR games featuring sports they don't have any clue about IRL. #SelfieTennis ended up as an HTC Vive launch game on Steam and the next game from @VRUnicorns, #SkiJump (an ode to Thorsten/A MAZE.), is played live on stage during this talk on the development of #SelfieTennis & #SkiJump and room scale VR in general. 

avatar for VRUnicorns


Horatiu Roman @horatiu665 | Milan Grajetzki @atomtwist | Andreas Jörgensen @hideous_ | Julie Heyde @JulieHeyde

Friday April 22, 2016 13:10 - 13:50
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Alistair Aitcheson: Inspiring Inventive Play with Social Installations
Alistair Aitcheson is an indie developer who - among other things - attaches buttons to walls and dresses people up in tight spandex to form human game controllers. In his games players make physical contact and are encouraged to perform, to cheat inventively and to collaborate to solve unusual problems. In this talk Alistair takes a deep dive into his projects to explain how game design can encourage social interaction - in particular, how to inspire groups to use their creativity, break the rules and make the game their own.

avatar for Alistair Aitcheson

Alistair Aitcheson

An independent developer from Bristol, UK, Alistair creates multiplayer installations that explore cheating, physical contact and inventive problem-solving. His work is installed at Berlin's Game Science Center and the UK's National Videogame Arcade, and won the Media Choice award at IndieCade 2015.

Friday April 22, 2016 14:00 - 15:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Patrick Jarnfelt: The Power of Love in Games
Traditional media have a long-standing and mature relationship with subjects like romance, love and sex. Why are games different? Games have historically tried to gamify love and this has led to a goal-oriented implementation. What could work as a win state in the game of love? Sex, of course. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The power of love, romance and sex in games can be vast and emotionally effective. Sex does not have to be a goal, it can be a journey and love and romance don’t have to be banal, there can be nuances. These topics can be used to tackle subjects like sexual development, gender, body positivity, consent, pregnancy and a myriad of other subjects. Join Patrick Jarnfelt as he shares his experiences organizing the Lyst Summit and things he has learned on the way. Let’s explore one of the last frontiers in games.

Content warning: This talk can get raunchy. Erotic concepts and partial nudity will be involved.  

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Patrick Jarnfelt

Patrick is a danish indie game developer in the Lovable Hat Cult. He is active in the indie game community hosting events like w00t, Nordic Game Indie Night and the Lyst Summit. He is a Co-founder of the Copenhagen Game Collective, where he occasionally writes blog posts and hosts Game Events and Parties.

Friday April 22, 2016 14:10 - 14:40
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Ansh Patel: A Nomad Shifting Between Lines

What can a game designer learn from a ballet performer and painter? What does that designer become once they incorporate aspects and techniques of the performer and painter into their work? How do we begin to create a body of work in an age where our attention rapidly flickers between tabs, windows and devices? This talk delves into blurring the boundaries between different media for creating inter-disciplinary works. Rather than letting your identity and work be chained by increasingly meaningless terms like "developer", "artist" "programmer", this talk starts deconstructing our current understanding of creating and how can we function between disciplines, while drawing influences and incorporating techniques from other fields.

Balking at games & tech industry as well as the art world's love for conventions and definitions, this talk seeks to convey the principle of a nomad who is constantly moving between places, making those transitions your central focus rather than the places you stay at. By encouraging a process- centric flow that transforms the process of making into an fluid play, rather than one that revolves around disjointed ideas, this talk asks "What can we create if our body of work had no organs?". Rather than paint a utopian vision of "freedom", the talk grounds several examples from creators in the past, present and future(???) from David Bowie's Berlin Trilogy to Baudelaire's flaneur. This talk does not aim to provide Top 10 tips to be more creative/successful/productive, but a framework that we can think and adopt to mould our own creative process.

The talk asks what happens if we transform our own process of making into a kind of an amorphous game of its own, whose rules we construct as we move along; from one place to another.

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Ansh Patel

Ansh Patel is an interdisciplinary artist whose works range from experimental games, digital media installations, performances and surveillance interventions. He is also a critic whose work has appeared in different literary and academic publications like Arcade Review, Unwinnable and Paste.

Friday April 22, 2016 14:40 - 15:10
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Curating Videogames and New Media: panel with Jo Summers, Simon Bachelier, Stephan Schwingeler, Zuraida Buter
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Jo Summers

I specialise in digital production and technology events, and have eight years experience of running a wide range of community and technology focused events, from concept to completion.
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Simon Bachelier

While my main professional activities are focused on digital games and alternative cultures and expressions, I've been doing many different jobs with diligence, creativity and personal convictions. From organizing independent events such as exhibition or festival, to teaching at University or managing projects for public institutions, NGO or private companies most of the time as a part-time freelancer, I believe that a real diversity of... Read More →
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Stephan Schwingeler

Dr. phil. Stephan Schwingeler (*1979) is a curator, researcher and lecturer. Currently he is research associate at the ZKM | Museum for Contemporary Art. His first book deals with the topic of space in video games and is one of the first art historical publications in the field of Game Studies. His Ph.D. thesis and second book examines the practices and strategies of Game Art and artistic video game modification from the perspective... Read More →
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Zuraida Buter

Zuraida Buter is a playful culture curator and vine master based in the Netherlands. She curates, initiates, consults and documents events focused on playful culture and games. She brings people together for creation, inspiration and playfulness. | | She is founder of playful culture organisation zo-ii and regularly speaks about playful culture, game jams, community and collaboration at conferences and festivals... Read More →

Friday April 22, 2016 15:00 - 16:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Llaura Dreamfeel: Enter the void: Videogames and nothingness
Llaura Dreamfeel will perform in full new interactive works of her own (plus some lesser known games by other folks), and talk about different creative communities she's been a part of. How she got better at making videogames by not making videogames, but by stapling zines, writing weird prose, and playing with brightly coloured markers.

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Llaura Dreamfeel

Llaura Dreamfeel writes strange, wonderful and often intense games. Best known for 'CURTAIN', the story of the destructive relationship between two women in a Glasgow punk band which won some rad awards, and currently writing the end of the world set on Ireland's west coast in 'If Found, Please Return'.

Friday April 22, 2016 15:30 - 16:30
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Alejandro Santiago: Dimension Drive Kickstarter Marathon
Normally developers run a Kickstarter campaign, for Dimension Drive we did a marathon! A total of 60 crazy days of non-stop work spanning two Kickstarter campaigns back to back. The story of how our first campaign got infamously trolled is well know but is less known how the community helped us come back stronger than before. This talk is aimed at any developer that is planning a crowdfunding campaign. We will go over what worked for us, what didn't, how to prepare for it and some big mistakes that should have been avoided and how important is the communit

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Alejandro Santiago

Developing games and software since I was 13 years old  (yep, there were computers at that time). Also running Iron Mans (3.8kms swim + 180 kms bike + 42 kms run…. yes, all in one go!). Programming in the same way, hardcore style! Always dreaming with pointers, code performance, garbage collectors and all types of nonsense.Software engineer at the European Space Agency and co-founder / developer at 2Awesome Studio... Read More →

Friday April 22, 2016 16:00 - 17:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


A Lovely Chat About Game Zines: panel with Arnaud De Bock, Hannah Nicklin, Llaura Dreamfeel – moderated by Pat Ashe
Five zinesters will present their work, and have a lovely chat about small-run publishing.

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Pat Ashe

Pat Ashe is a producer and curator based in London. He has worked with companies such as Honeyslug, Crows Crows Crows and Hollow Ponds among others. He is co-curator of the events Wild Rumpus and Beta Public and co-wrote the Games For People zine.

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Arnaud De Bock

Game Designer, DE BOCK
I'm Arnaud De Bock, born in France in the 80s. I studied fine art, specialising in sculpture and new technology. I’ve been living for the past 5 years in London. I created my first game with my brother in BASIC when I was 7 years old, and I haven't stopped making and playing games since. I'm currently working as a game/graphic designer at OutOfTheBit. We are making Super Arcade Football at the moment. I'm also practising iaïdo and jodo for... Read More →
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Hannah Nicklin

Hannah is a writer, game designer, performer & academic. She makes DIY theatre & games in public & community settings, working with orgs such as RSC, Invisible Flock, V&A, Gamecity, Social Housing Arts Network, UEL, Goldsmiths & in housing estates, swimming pools, city streets & rural market towns.
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Llaura Dreamfeel

Llaura Dreamfeel writes strange, wonderful and often intense games. Best known for 'CURTAIN', the story of the destructive relationship between two women in a Glasgow punk band which won some rad awards, and currently writing the end of the world set on Ireland's west coast in 'If Found, Please Return'.

Friday April 22, 2016 17:00 - 18:00
Haubentaucher Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin


Agnieszka Mulak, Hubert Sobecki: Diversity in Games: Pitfalls and Possible Solutions
Many people want to play games with a diverse, unique cast of characters. Who could be more suited to oblige than us, two somewhat discriminated writers, fed up with sexist and homophobic content as well as both lack of representation and overt tokenism? Soon enough feedback about our game forced us to realize, how difficult the task actually is. Our creation definitely was not as transparent and self-aware as we imagined. Now we would like to share our experiences with you so that the next time you try to create a diverse world in your game, you have it just a little easier. And when you fall in yet another stereotype trap of your culture (and you will!) you'll be better prepared for it.

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Agnieszka Mulak

Writer at MoaCube (games: Cinders and Solstice). Also meddling in social research and purposeful games.
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Hubert Sobecki

Writer at MoaCube. We made Cinders and Solstice. Also meddling in LGBT activism in Poland.

Friday April 22, 2016 17:00 - 18:00
Ambulatorium Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin