5th International Independent Videogames Festival in Berlin, April 20 to 22, 2016 – plus extra Family Day.

We’re still adjusting and adding things to the schedule, so keep checking it in the next days for updates!
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Florian Masuth

Black Pants Game Studi
PR Manager
Kassel, Germany
Wednesday, April 20

18:00 CEST

Festival pass pick up – do it at any time during the opening to avoid queues the following day! Urban Spree

Thursday, April 21

13:20 CEST

15:00 CEST

16:30 CEST

18:00 CEST

Friday, April 22

10:00 CEST

10:30 CEST

11:00 CEST

11:50 CEST

14:10 CEST

15:30 CEST

16:00 CEST

17:00 CEST